Burkhardt Heating and Cooling has been providing heating and cooling services to the residents of Milwaukee, WI, and the surrounding areas since 1961! We built our business on integrity and great value, and we haven’t changed that philosophy in more than 50 years. See for yourself why your neighbors call us when they need a repair or service visit.

    Milwaukee WI Heating and Air Conditioning

    An HVAC maintenance visit typically costs from $75-$175 in Milwaukee and surrounding areas. A maintenance visit is usually best scheduled before peak operating season — winter for heating and summer for air conditioning.

    A maintenance visit may include the following:
    • Cleaning
    • Inspection
    • System Adjustment
    • Testing
    • Checking Drainage & Fluid Levels

    A maintenance plan can be a great way to ensure that you don’t forget to schedule these critical annual visits. To learn more about Burkhardt Heating and Cooling maintenance visits or service programs, contact us today!

    With our location near Lake Michigan, Milwaukee typically has good outdoor air quality. But the indoor air quality of your home may be a different story.

    The best ways to improve indoor air quality include:
    • Changing air filters on a regular basis. Monthly changes may even be needed in certain situations.
    • Opening windows when weather permits to let fresh air into the home.
    • Cleaning and dusting regularly.

    Suppose you have pets or a family member who suffers from allergies. In that case, you may want to consider an air purification system, which improves the indoor quality further.

    To learn more about our indoor air quality services and solutions, give our air quality specialists a call today!

    Yes, HVAC tune ups are worth it in Milwaukee, WI.

    Some benefits of getting your HVAC system tuned up are:
    • Your HVAC system runs more efficiently
    • Your energy bills are lower
    • You are able to spot problems before they become costly repairs

    The best way to get the most out of having your HVAC system tuned up is to have it done once before summer and once before fall. When you have your HVAC system tuned up twice per year, it functions better and costs you less on energy each month. Call us today to get your HVAC system tuned up.

    It costs around $350-$500 to repair your home heating and AC system in Milwaukee, WI.

    However, some things that can cause the price to vary include:
    • The type of repair
    • The level of repair
    • The cost of replacement parts

    Some repairs can be fairly inexpensive, whereas other repairs can be very expensive. Refrigerant leaks tend to be more expensive on average because of the cost to repair the leak as well as recharge the refrigerant. To get your HVAC system repaired, contact us today.

    HVAC systems should be replaced every 10-15 years in Milwaukee, WI. With regular maintenance, most HVAC systems can last their full lifespan. Although, when your HVAC system is not maintained often, it will run less efficiently and break down more frequently. A large sign that an HVAC system needs to be replaced is if it requires many repairs and it is over the 10-year mark. Give us a call today to get your HVAC system replaced.

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