We at Burkhardt Heating and Cooling want you to understand that the entire life of your machine, as well as its efficiency and avoidance of costly repairs, depends on a skilled installation that avoids some of the pitfalls of other commercial installers.

    Air Conditioning Installation in the Greater Milwaukee Area

    Depending on your choices, needs, and home design, we will install the unit from start to finish. Whether the right system for your home is a ducted central unit, a high-velocity air conditioner, or a ductless mini split, we’ll ensure your unit’s output of cool air matches your investment.

    The average cost to have a new air conditioner system installed is between $3,700 – $7,500, with homeowners paying on average about $5,750.

    This price depends on a few factors:
    • Size of the home you are cooling.
    • Any ductwork that needs to be replaced.
    • Quality and efficiency level of the unit itself.

    Burkhardt Heating and Cooling offers free estimates on several high-quality units. Contact us today to learn more!

    On average, it costs between $7,000 – $13,000 to replace your central heating and air system. This price estimate includes new ductwork costs as well, as experts estimate that in about 80% of new HVAC installations, the ductwork needs to be replaced. Schedule a free estimate on a new central heating and air system for your home!

    Typically, you can expect an air conditioner to last between 12 – 15 years. Units that are not serviced regularly and are used frequently may need to be replaced much sooner.

    To extend the lifespan of your unit, consider the following actions:
    • Have your unit serviced regularly. Burkhardt Heating and Cooling offers maintenance plans to keep your unit up to date and running smoothly.
    • Set a reasonable temperature in the summer. ACS that are overworked tend to not last as long.

    Getting Started with Burkhardt Heating and Cooling

    Getting Started with Burkhardt Heating and CoolingEvaluating your comfort needs is the first step our HVAC experts will take in determining the best method of cooling for your personal spaces. Maybe there is a room where the coverage is spotty or upper-level living space to which all of the home’s heat rises.

    We’ll get an idea of how much cooling power your home needs and come to a decision on equipment or ductwork based on your preferences. Many customers take advantage of our high-velocity installations simply because it requires less intrusive construction work on the home.

    Once we are in the actual installation phase, our technicians move like surgeons to ensure the least amount of damage to your home as possible. We keep our workspace and your home free of any installation mess.

    A Big Day for Installation: Burkhardt Heating and Cooling

    The quality of your installation is said to have an impact on the lifespan of your equipment, as well as the unit’s energy efficiency. That’s why you want our Burkhardt Heating and Cooling professionals, experienced technicians with access to a wealth of knowledge garnered working with a wide spectrum of brands and equipment types.

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    Call us today to learn more about our services or to find out if you need AC replacement or want to install a new unit in your home.