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Cold? Let Burkhardt Warm You

When the weather outside is frightful, Burkhardt’s heating services will keep you toasty.


Hot Outside. Cool & Comfortable Inside

Don’t let hot weather control your life. Burkhardt will keep your space chill.



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In the greater Milwaukee area your top choice for heating and air conditioning service is Burkhardt Heating & Cooling. We have decades of experience and our technicians’ brains are exploding with knowledge about how to make your home or business a more comfortable place. Whether you are looking for a smart home integration or work on your radiator, we love what we do and make a point to always do it well. Call us to learn more about the values that make us Burkhardt.

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You know the best way to keep the repairs away? Yearly maintenance on your heating or cooling system. This in-depth examination of everything in your HVAC system or cooling system will both clean your unit and make it run smoothly. We offer maintenance programs if you want to delegate the responsibility of heating and air maintenance to us. We’re here and so happy to help.

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It can be so aggravating when something just won’t work. You’ve turned it on and off; you’ve checked the breaker; you’re starting to google and then you remember Burkhardt Heating & Cooling are the real experts at this. We have 24/7 emergency repair service available and regular repair appointments open all week. While broken things are frustrating, getting items back in working order can be so satisfying. Let us bring that satisfaction to you.

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Sometimes, it’s unavoidable. You’re due for an upgrade whether you wanted one or not. Other times, the upgrade is planned to reduce your carbon footprint or to start saving more on utility bills. But what often stands in the way of homeowners and their home improvements? Money. Please consult us for an estimate and then check out our financing options. There’s no reason a number should stand between you and your comfort.

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