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Helping You To Clear The Air in your Greater Milwaukee Home

Air and furnace filters play an important role in the home environment. Pollution can sometimes be funneled inside your home by the mechanisms that collect air from outside to condition. Burkhardt Heating & Cooling will find the best filter for you and install yearly if you adapt our maintenance plan.

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Do air filters really make a difference?

Yes, air filters really make a difference for your HVAC system. They can help reduce the amount of particles that are allowed into your HVAC system. Regularly changed air filters can allow your HVAC system to run smoother and longer since it will be filled with less debris. Additionally, air filters can contribute to better air quality inside your home since less particles will be circulated through your air ducts as your home is heated and cooled. To find out more about how your air filter can make a difference, call us today.

How do air filters make the air healthier?

Air filters make the air in your home healthier by filtering out particles such as dust and dirt as air is circulated by your heating and cooling system. To get the most out of using an air filter, you should find the correct type of air filter for your needs and replace it at least once every three months. However, if you have allergies or pets, you may want to replace it more often to get the best results. To learn more about using an air filter for your heating and cooling system, give us a call today.

What type of air filter is best for HVAC?

The type of air filter you need will depend on your particular needs. For most households, it is typically recommended that you use an air filter with a MERV rating of 5-8, 8 being the best option. However, if someone in your household has a medical condition that makes breathing more difficult, you should consider getting an air filter with a MERV rating of 9-12. Air filters with a MERV rating of 13 or higher are generally used in hospitals or labs. To find out more about choosing the best air filter for your HVAC system, contact us today.

Why Suffer Dust & Particles In Your Air Supply? Burkhardt Can Help!

Let’s be honest, you can have the best air conditioning or heating system in the world and it would not do you any good when it comes to keeping your furnace clean and ready for top performance use.

Air and furnace filters play an important role in your home environment and are especially pertinent for your indoor air quality. Pollution can be up to 100 times worse inside than outside without the right filtration devices in use.

Ever leave your dryers’ lint trap go too long without a cleaning? Imagine that kind of think fuzz and dust but this time it’s in your heating system, preventing food performance and possibly causing you to inhalf particulates or gasses you are not meant to inhale.

Breathe For Your Health: People Vulnerable to Unpurified Air

Most of us know someone who has COPD, asthma or constant lung infections. For those individuals, breathing in the particulates that are cleaned out of the air supply by filters can make their medical problems worse. Make sure your HVAC filters are clean so those already compromised individuals can breathe easy in your home. For anyone without breathing issues, breathing unclean air can be harmful and cause inflammation of the lungs.

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