The Best Milwaukee Furnace Installation Experts

Furnace Installation is a precise process where the tiniest error can cause your unit to run less efficiently or create a heating repair need that would not occur if the unit had been installed skillfully. When your previous heating system dies or you’re in the market for a new high-efficiency unit, Burkhardt Heating and Cooling can walk you through the steps for choosing the best system for you and your family’s needs.

If your furnace installation in Milwaukee is not done by a highly qualified technician, your unit could suffer from the following ailments:

Low Air Flow

If a new unit is having trouble pumping air, it has been installed incorrectly. The low flow could be because of improperly installed ductwork, or something installed improperly with the HVAC.

Delayed Response

Your new heating unit should be ready to do whatever you tell it once it is installed. A slow response generally means that too little or too much refrigerant has been put in the unit and the end, this inefficiency can cost you money.

Loud or Persistent Noise

Noise is usually a sign that your HVAC needs repair. Noise coming from a newly installed HVAC means that brackets and screws could have been left loose in a rushed installation.