Never have we been more cautious about what we breathe. From our breathing outside walking near friends, or our inhalations inside, where we tend to feel the safest, the type of air we’re breathing is considered critical in today’s health environment.

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    Yes. UV air purifiers are so effective at killing airborne pathogens such as mold, bacteria, and viruses that they are the preferred air cleaners at hospitals and healthcare facilities. UV germicidal irradiation, or UVGI air purifiers, is another name for the technique. This is a safe technique that cleans viruses and pathogens out of your home’s air.

    We think so! UV air purifiers disinfect your home’s air by killing potentially infectious bacteria and viruses in the air as they pass through the purifier. The UV air purifier is installed in your ductwork and safely cleans your air as it moves through the ducts so your family can enjoy healthy air at home.

    To get a good quality UV air purifier installed in your home, you should expect to pay between $200 and $900. In addition to the initial installation, you’ll need to change the UV bulbs in the filter once a year to ensure its continued effectiveness. Replacement bulbs typically cost between $20 and $70.

    Keeping Your Family Safe from Viruses & Bacteria

    Keeping Your Family Safe from Viruses & Bacteria

    Most people know UV rays can be harmful and cancer-causing to human skin. But did you know UV-C, a different type of UV lighting that is not the kind of rays we avoid with sunblock, causes no harm to human flesh? When it comes to viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants in your HVAC system, however, UV-C light is your best friend.

    How does an HVAC UV light work? Before any air is dispersed from your HVAC into your home environment, it is hit with UV-C rays, killing anything in the air that might harm you or your family members. This protection is highly necessary when it comes to members of our families who are immunosuppressed or possess comorbidities that make something like a virus or illness a life-threatening episode rather than a small health issue to get past.

    Another reason to consider UV lights for your indoor air quality has to do with the number of pollutants in our environment.

    Outside, these contaminants are unconcentrated, flowing through the air. In our homes, however, these contaminants are concentrated in a small space and have no way to dissipate. Instead, they are rotated in the house through the air system again and again. The Environmental Protection Agency’s last count says that there are 100s of times more pollutants in our home air supply than outside.

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    Research is also saying that HVAC UV lights may be the only way to prevent harmful viruses from living in our recycled air. While other methods of cleaning air may be invented, currently UV-C lights are the safest way to keep your family safe and healthy at home.

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