We don’t get as many hot months as other parts of the country, but when we have a hot summer day, it is essential to have a well-functioning AC to keep your home and your family comfortable and cool.

    Getting overheated can cause significant health issues and can be extremely traumatic for the very young and elderly. It’s also not great for your wood furnishings, walls, or floors. Most importantly, in this high-tech world, there is little value in needlessly suffering through a sweltering day. So, when your AC breaks down, we’re here for you 24 hours a day.

    Excellent AC Repair in the Greater Milwaukee Area

    How much an AC repair costs depends on what repair needs to be done. Most repairs are minor and cost on average around $350, with an average range of $150 – $700. Larger repairs, such as replacing the compressor, could run upwards of $1,500.

    Are you having issues with your air conditioner? We can help.

    To find the best air conditioning company, you should ask certain questions of them:
    • Are you licensed, bonded, and insured? Licensed technicians must undergo training and on-the-job experience as well as pass written examinations. You want the company you hire to employ the most skilled technicians.
    • Do you have references? A good company will have plenty of good past job experiences to draw from and should be happy to share them with potential clients.
    • What brands do you carry? You want to make sure that the company carries quality brands.

    There could be several reasons why your air conditioner is not cooling your home, including:
    • Leaky Ductwork – When your ductwork has cracks or leaks, the cool air escapes before it can reach the inside of your home.
    • Broken Motor or Compressor – With moving parts, breaks happen. Failed motors and compressors are common AC repair issues that will cause a unit to stop working.
    • Refrigerant Leak – Refrigerant circulates throughout your unit absorbing the heat from your home. If it is leaking your home will not cool.
    • Clogged Air Filters – A dirty air filter can clog the air circulation and will prevent your AC from functioning properly.

    If you are having problems with your air conditioner, contact us. Burkhardt Heating and Cooling provides reliable repair services for all brands of AC, guaranteed to get your home cool and comfortable quickly.

    The usual price range is $163-$520, with the highest end of repairs reaching $1100.

    Certain fixes will be more expensive than average. Replacing an AC compressor, for example, might cost anywhere from $1350 to $1800, while replacing an evaporator coil can cost anywhere from $650 to $1200.

    If the quoted repair is exceptionally high or you’re calling for repairs frequently – especially for an older air conditioning system – you may find that replacing your AC unit is more cost-effective than repairing, it.

    Two of the most typical explanations are as follows:
    • A clogged air filter can obstruct air movement and create a variety of issues. Short cycling occurs when your air conditioner turns on and off in short spurts rather than running through a full cooling cycle.
    • Another reason your air conditioner isn’t producing enough cold air is blocked supply vents. Check your vents for any debris or dust that may be obstructing ventilation. Toys, furniture or closed dampers might all be contributing factors.

    The thermostat should be checked first. Verify that the “cool” setting is activated and that the intended temperature is lower than the current room temperature. Replace the batteries if your monitor isn’t displaying anything. If the air conditioner still does not turn on, check the circuit breaker. If your circuit breaker has tripped, you must reset it before your air conditioner can function again. And lastly, it might be due to a clogged drain pan. Any water seeping from your HVAC system is caught in the drain pan, which is positioned beneath the inside unit. When the drain pan is full, many air conditioners contain a float switch or a wet switch that prevents the air conditioner from functioning.

    Why Choose Burkhardt Heating and Cooling in the Greater Milwaukee Area?

    Our technicians are factory authorized, licensed, and up on the most cutting-edge HVAC technology. We have an extensive inventory of genuine manufacturer replacement parts, so it won’t take days or weeks to get your broken unit back up and running.

    Several things could be wrong with the AC. Most of them have underlying causes that you may notice before your AC unit stops working.
    • You might be hot, but your evaporator coil is frozen, meaning you’ll need a repair.
    • Instead of frozen, your evaporator coil might be caked in dust making it overwork to perform the same job.
    • Your unit may not be working because you are low on refrigerant.
    • A clogged drain – something you possibly won’t notice – can also affect your AC system.

    How Can Milwaukee, Waukesha & Washington County Residents Prevent AC Repairs?

    There’s not always a way to prevent an AC unit from breaking down but there are surefire ways to ensure it’s far less likely to happen. Many homeowners skip or forget the annual maintenance needed to keep their AC functioning at its best all summer long. At Burkhardt Heating and Cooling , we offer maintenance services directed at keeping your unit free of dust and clogs and up on refrigerant — which is what removes the humidity in your home.

    If you want to designate us as responsible for your HVAC maintenance, we offer maintenance plans with annual maintenance services for our customers.

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    Regardless of your AC repair question, we are here at your service to help you take the next steps that will keep you cool and comfortable. Call us today.