Count on Burkhardt Heating and Cooling for a full range of boiler system services in the Greater Milwaukee area. We continue to build on a well-established history of quality products and exceptional job performance. Distinguished as a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer and further recognized as one of only nine dealers in Wisconsin named to Bryant’s Circle of Champions, we maintain strenuous standards of technician training, customer service, and business ethics.

    Expert Boiler System Installations in the Greater Milwaukee Area

    A few reasons why your gas heat is not coming on include:
    • Your thermostat is not set correctly (ensure it is set to heat).
    • Your air filter is clogged.
    • Your gas line is shut off.
    • Your furnace’s power switch is off.

    If your gas heater is still not coming on, there could be a deeper issue, such as a broken component within your system. To get your gas heat repaired, schedule an appointment with us today!

    Your gas furnace may not be blowing hot air because:
    • The thermostat is set to ON not Auto.
    • The air filters are dirty or clogged.
    • There is an issue with your sensor.

    If you are still unable to determine what is causing your gas furnace to not blow hot air, there may be an underlying problem. Burkhardt Heating and Cooling a call today to help with any of your gas furnace repair needs!

    Some ways to tell if your gas heater is working are:
    • Your system is heating your home effectively.
    • You do not hear strange noises coming from your furnace.
    • Your system is clean and there are no unusual smells.

    If all of these points are true, then your gas heater is most likely working as it should. Although, the best way to ensure your gas heater is working properly is to have it regularly maintained and inspected by an HVAC technician. Call us today to have your furnace serviced.

    It typically costs around $150-$300 per year to service a gas furnace in Milwaukee, WI.

    Gas furnace servicing typically includes:
    • A cleaning of your system.
    • A replacement of your air filters.
    • A test of the components in your furnace.

    Having your gas furnace regularly serviced is a great way to ensure you get the most out of your system, both in its lifespan and efficiency level. Contact us today to get your gas furnace serviced today.

    We Are the Boiler Experts Near You

    For new boiler installation or retrofit, Burkhardt Heating and Cooling tailors our recommendations to meet your unique requirements, concerns, and expectations. Through a rewarding selection of options, we achieve unmatched energy ratings, control over indoor temperature, and system reliability. Take advantage of the quick turnaround and let us provide the best value for your investment.

    Quality Boiler Maintenance in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Washington Counties

    Burkhardt Heating and Cooling protects your satisfaction through conscientious annual maintenance of all makes and models of boilers. Schedule service at a convenient time and we’ll arrive right when expected, cause no mess or damage and deliver cost-effective benefits. Restored efficiency, superior reliability, extended system life, and fulfillment of your manufacturer’s warranty requirements are a few of the many long-term benefits we provide.

    Call Burkhardt Heating and Cooling for all your boiler repairs and services!

    Should you experience any issues with any make or model of boiler, contact Burkhardt Heating and Cooling. We answer with prompt action, expert repair, and affordable solutions. Providing for the greater Milwaukee area for more than half a century, Burkhardt Heating and Cooling is dedicated to installing, servicing, and maintaining your heating system at peak condition.

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