If you’re from the generation that received your iPhones before leaving the maternity ward, radiators may not be your first thought when it comes to heating options for your home. Google the subject and you’re likely to see a few references to “old-fashioned heating.” (Google’s being nice — radiator heating has been used since the 1800s!) But what can we say about heating equipment that can outlast several presidents? Radiators provide high-quality heating to homes that may not have other options.

    Rest Easy with Radiators Warming Your Home

    The most efficient heating system to use in a house in Milwaukee, WI is typically a gas, oil, or electric boiler. Generally, natural gas boilers are the cheapest to run, while electric and oil boilers both come in a close second as far as efficiency. However, to determine the best heating system for your home, you should have an HVAC contractor evaluate your home’s heating needs. To find out more about getting the most efficient heating system for your home, call us today!

    Depending on your home and its level of insulation and number of windows, forced air may be a better option in comparison to a radiator as far as efficiency goes. However, there are fairly equal pros and cons to forced air systems and radiators. Forced air systems are typically more expensive to install, but easier to maintain. Radiators can be harder to maintain but can heat your home without removing as much humidity from your indoor air, increasing the level of comfort in your home. To learn more about if a radiator or forced air system is the right choice for your home, contact us today.

    To keep a poorly insulated house warm, you can:
    • Use thick curtains for your windows at night.
    • Keep your curtains open during the day to let in heat.
    • Shut doors to rooms you are not using.

    Poor insulation can be a huge source of lost energy during the winter, but these tips can help keep heat inside your home in the meantime. To learn more about keeping your home warm during the colder months, give us a call today.

    Why Radiators in the Greater Milwaukee Area?

    While it’s pretty unlikely to see a radiator installed in a new home, we understand that not all homes are new and many still depend on the dry warmth of radiators to heat their homes. Rather than go to the expense of retrofitting your older home for a more modern heating service option, trust the Milwaukee area’s resident experts in radiator heating.

    Three big pluses to having a radiator system in the house:
    • Radiators require less maintenance and tinkering than other suggested heating methods.
    • The units are safe and won’t leak contamination or carbon monoxide into your home.
    • Visit an old home from years back and you might be seeing the home’s original radiator heat. Radiators are notoriously long-lasting.

    There are two types of radiators – steam and electric. Both are structured the same way, but they draw from two different forms of heat. As it may sound, steam radiators use boiling water to create steam and then heat. Electric radiators run on a metal reservoir of oil that does not need to be replaced.

    Free-standing units are also available to install if you need to supplement the heating system in your home without spending a ton of money.

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    If you have a radiator that could use a tune-up or safety review, please call Burkhardt Heating and Cooling to speak with someone knowledgeable today.