Aside from exceptional service, Burkhardt Heating and Cooling has more air conditioning options than our Milwaukee area competition. When you choose Burkhardt Heating and Cooling for your AC needs, you are choosing to work with award-winning air conditioning experts who can provide your home with the services needed to keep you and your family comfortable during the summer months.

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    Air Conditioning Services in the Greater Milwaukee Area

    Burkhardt Heating and Cooling offers residential air conditioning: Repairs – We are available 24 hours a day to meet your cooling needs. Replacements & Installations – In addition to replacing traditional central air conditioning units, we also install ductless mini splits for zoned cooling and high-velocity AC units for a sleeker, whole-home solution. Maintenance – A maintenance plan will help improve the function and lengthen the lifespan of your unit. Need help with your cooling? Call Burkhardt Heating and Cooling, for professional, on-time, and courteous service.

    Yes, an air conditioning service plan is worth signing up for. With a plan from Burkhardt Heating and Cooling, you can expect:
    • Fewer costly repairs down the line.
    • Added years to your AC unit’s lifespan.
    • Greater comfort.
    • Improved indoor air quality.
    • And reliable cooling on even the hottest of days.

    If you want more information on whether an AC maintenance plan is right for you, an air conditioning expert from Burkhardt Heating and Cooling will be happy to help you. Contact us today.

    Near Milwaukee, WI, a heating and cooling system costs, on average, anywhere from $2,937 – $6,869. Of course, the price of a new HVAC system depends on many things, including the type of system, brand, and installer. Prices can go as high as ten grand for higher-end units. While most new systems will cost less than that, it is worth considering investing more for high-quality heating and cooling you can count on year-round. Need an estimate on a new, affordable and reliable heating and cooling system? Get in touch with an HVAC expert from Burkhardt Heating and Cooling in Milwaukee today.

    Burkhardt Heating and Cooling Delivers Solutions for Milwaukee AC Issues

    Few things are worse than going on the hottest day of the year without cool air blowing from your vents. When you need an AC repair to repel sweltering heat, we will give you an estimate before working and then provide you with a highly trained technician who will discuss all repair and replacement options with you before going to work.

    One thing that can ward off unexpected repair needs is regular maintenance. At Burkhardt Heating and Cooling, we offer comprehensive maintenance plans or individual maintenance services. Regular maintenance keeps your system clean, leak-free and safe!

    Has your AC system finally died? Are you done mourning for your lost cool air and ready to install a new system? We’ve got your back. Burkhardt Heating and Cooling provides exceptional installation services that will set up your equipment to run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

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    A lesser-known service we provide could be your cooling solution. High velocity air conditioners use tiny tubing for the passage of air. This means if you’d like to install AC but your home is older or architecturally difficult for an installer, high-velocity systems may be your best answer. High-velocity systems can also be used for heating.

    Every HVAC system requires yearly maintenance, but our lives are busy and sometimes we forget top priorities. Let Burkhardt Heating and Cooling help with one of our comprehensive maintenance plans to keep your system working well. Call today!

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