Many of the little towns outside of Milwaukee feel like home to us at Burkhardt Heating and Cooling, and Mequon is no different. That feeling of belonging probably comes from the more than five decades we’ve spent bringing excellent service to the greater Milwaukee area and to Mequon itself.

    Heating & Cooling in Mequon

    These days, HVAC companies are a dime a dozen. But few companies can claim that their commitment to customers and dedication to getting the job done right has kept them going throughout two recessions and several wars. It’s not common to say you opened your doors in ‘61 and they remain open today. Our favorite thing to do is find the best heating and air solutions for residents of Mequon to solve their comfort issues without costing them an arm and a leg. Bringing deals to the folks of Mequon is one of the things we’ve done that we know have driven our staying power.

    What Can I Expect If I Choose Burkhardt Heating and Cooling to Help Warm My Mequon, WI Home?

    Burkhardt Heating and Cooling offers all of the traditional services of a heating and air company – air conditioning repair and installation, duct cleaning, and a wide variety of heating services. We also feature fewer common services like radiator service, ductless heating and cooling and Wi-Fi thermostats.

    Call us for a repair, installation, or more. Let us show you why we’re the best HVAC company serving Mequon, WI.

    In most situations, common AC repairs cost $175 to $600. Some more extensive repairs will have a proportionately more expensive price tag, costing between $750 to $2000. The total cost of your AC repair service will be determined by the parts and labor required to fix your air conditioner.

    An HVAC maintenance call typically entails cleaning the condenser and doing a series of inspections to ensure that your system is operating correctly. We’ll also look for additional repair and maintenance concerns, which we’ll go over with you at the time of service. You can choose to wait on doing any recommended repairs, but you’ll typically get a discount if you go ahead and take care of the repairs during the maintenance visit.

    The average cost of replacing an HVAC system is $7,000, with a usual range of $5,000 to $10,000. Depending on the brand and size, this corresponds to $25 to $60 per square foot of cover. If you don’t have an existing duct system, a ductless mini-split or high-velocity HVAC system may be worth considering. These choices are more expensive to install initially, but the overall cost may be less than that of a new central AC installation with ductwork.

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