You may have never given humidity much thought, but it has a strong impact on your comfort. During the summer, high humidity makes the already hot temperatures feel even hotter, while the lack of humidity in the winter makes the air feel colder than it is — and it’s already freezing!

    Humidifier Services for Milwaukee, Waukesha & Washington Counties

    It costs around $500-$1,000 to have a whole house humidifier installed in Milwaukee, WI.

    Some things that can impact the price are:
    • The type of whole house humidifier you want
    • The size of your house
    • The contractor’s hourly rate

    Getting a whole house humidifier installed is a great investment because it can provide benefits for both your home and your health. To get a whole house humidifier installed, contact us today.

    Yes, a whole home humidifier is worth it in Milwaukee, WI.

    Some of the benefits of a whole house humidifier are:
    • Your home’s humidity levels are controlled
    • You experience less allergic reactions in your home
    • Your wooden furniture is preserved better

    While humidifiers can be very beneficial to your health, especially if you suffer from poor sleep or dry skin. To learn more about getting a whole home humidifier installed, give us a call today.

    During our long, frigid winters, that lack of humidity can become a real problem. In addition to making the air feel colder, it can also dry out your skin and hair, cause painful nosebleeds and make you more susceptible to viruses. Humidifiers bring much-needed moisture into the warm, dry air created by your heating system and bring you relief.

    Call the Humidifier Experts of the Greater Milwaukee Area

    At Burkhardt Heating and Cooling, humidifiers are one of our specialties that we consider part of our indoor air quality services, which deliver more comfortable, breathable air to your home.

    Here are just a few of the personal complications that come from a lack of humidity in your house in winter.
    • Dry, Cracked Skin & Lips – Just like our bodies need hydration, our skin does as well, and winter air on top of a home without humidity is just the right recipe for painful, cracking skin. The most frequent victim of this lack of moisture is often our lips, which can become painful and unsightly because of overly dry air. and the sensitive skin on our lips can be the first to suffer when we lack adequate moisture in the air.
    • Sinus Congestion/ Sinus Headache – Dry weather can cause our sinuses to swell, which can create congestion as well as seriously unpleasant sinus pain.
    • Irritated Vocal Cords & Dry Cough – You may notice some people have a difficult time speaking when it is very cold out. The same people suffer if there is a lack of humidity in their homes. The dry air continues to irritate the vocal cords, making your voice hoarse and sometimes painful to speak. Sometimes these individuals suffer from a dry cough, but coaching isn’t limited to those with vocal cord issues. The dry cough inflames the lungs causing further coughing, a cycle that will continue until you can get relief.
    • Nose Bleeds – If you or a family member gets frequent nose bleeds, you probably already know a dry, dehumidified environment will only make their nose bleeds more serious. These nosebleeds can occur so often that they can take place in your sleep or begin at the drop of a hat.
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    If you don’t have a humidifier adding moisture to the dry air coming from your HVAC, you are leaving yourself open to a world of discomfort. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you and your family feel healthy at home this winter.