Boilers are great, solid pieces of equipment to keep your home as warm as necessary. However, anytime you are dealing with water, you are dealing with a variety of issues that affect health and can come from unclean water — which of course turns into unclean heated air.

    Test Your Boiler Water & Keep Your Home Safe

    We’ve listed a few causes of boiler issues below:
    • Believe it or not, one of the problems your boiler water can have is too much moisture, which can allow for the growth of bacteria or mold.
    • Another surprising factor that impacts your boiler water is a rise and fall in water level. When your boiler water fluctuates, it can cause water tubes to get exposed and overheated, as well as overwhelm your steam separators, which is where contaminants can be introduced into your water supply.
    • This last one is a bit technical: The steam in the attemperator unit can directly introduce contaminants into the water.
    Boilers InspectionTesting the water in your boiler can mean a healthier home. Call Burkhardt Heating and Cooling, (414) 253-0455, for water sample testing near you.

    All of these issues can cause actual damage to your boiler equipment, for instance causing tube failures. The incorporation of water into steam can cause instability in the water, even resulting in surface tension reduction and the water foaming in the steam tank, causing dangerous conditions for your boiler.

    Essentially, you need a tech who knows to test your water and evaluate the steam process to ensure contaminants and bacteria are not entering your supply.

    Burkhardt Heating and Cooling knows boilers. We install and repair boilers and can tell you when you need water sample testing that can prevent unhealthy conditions for your boiler and prevent unnecessary repairs.

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    Call Burkhardt Heating and Cooling today if you’re in the Greater Milwaukee area. We can help you determine if your boiler water is safe and then help your system to become less susceptible to dangerous contaminants, mold,, and bacteria.