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    Cleaning your AC coils will cost between $100 and $400. This should be done at least once a year for maximum system efficiency. You can usually get this service at a slightly discounted rate by signing up for an annual maintenance contract from your HVAC company; the contract will also include a heating tune-up in the fall, as well.

    When you find your home becoming a little hotter than usual, check the thermostat settings first. Check that it is set to cool. If the thermostat is set to cool, double-check the temperature setting to ensure it hasn’t been altered. If it is turned off, set to heat, or set to continual fan (often just labeled “on”), return it to cooling mode. Wait a few minutes after the system comes on before checking for chilly air coming from the registers.

    The AC coils should be cleaned at least once a year to save energy use and electricity expenses. Dirty evaporator and condenser coils can raise your air conditioning system’s energy consumption by more than 15%. Furthermore, decreased heat transfer efficiency might result in other issues such as poor cooling performance, frozen evaporator coils, and compressor overheating.

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