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    It typically costs between $145-$445 for an AC repair in Menomonee Falls and greater Milwaukee. However, repair costs can vary widely because any number of problems can affect the system.

    You can take a few basic steps before calling the pros, however.
    • If the AC doesn’t turn on, check to see if the thermostat is set to cool (it sounds simple, but many homeowners initially think the AC is broken when the thermostat isn’t set to the proper setting.)
    • Check the air filters and exterior of the outside unit. Change filters if needed and gently brush away debris to see if that improves cooling performance.

    If those steps don’t work, contact an HVAC professional to inspect the system. Homeowners in Menomonee Falls and other areas near Milwaukee can contact the Burkhardt Heating and Cooling experts to schedule a diagnostic visit.

    Today’s air conditioning systems are designed to perform better than ever before. Still, an AC unit is a complex piece of equipment that must operate with a heavy workload in weather extremes. Not servicing your system regularly usually results in frustrations down the road.

    Here are a few of the advantages of timely maintenance visits:
    • Improved system performance and cooling.
    • Reduced risk of significant component malfunctions (which come with higher repair costs).
    • Increased energy efficiency (which can help you trim your power bills).

    Most HVAC professionals and manufacturers recommend a maintenance visit twice a year (in the spring for AC and the fall for heat). To learn more about our service plans in Menomonee Falls, contact the Burkhardt Heating and Cooling team today!

    A professional AC service in Menomonee Falls should cover a checklist of preventive maintenance and problem identification procedures.

    Just a few of the recommended guidelines include items like:
    • Inspecting the fan, wiring and other components for damage.
    • Checking filters, drainage lines and the thermostat.
    • Cleaning coils and lubricating moving parts.
    • Checking refrigerant levels.

    Burkhardt Heating and Cooling technicians are trained to keep AC units performing at their peak in the climate we experience in southeastern Wisconsin. Contact us today to learn more about our maintenance service and membership in Burkhardt Heating and Cooling’s Signature Club.

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