Investing in your air conditioner is an investment in your home’s safety, efficiency, and overall comfort. While many people don’t consider investing in their AC until the system suffers some type of malfunction, regular AC maintenance can actually prevent those issues. That’s why it’s essential to schedule an annual AC tune-up from a trusted Milwaukee company like Burkhardt Heating and Cooling. Continue reading to learn about the many reasons why AC tune-ups are a necessary part of your household maintenance routine.

1. Improved Performance

Routine maintenance greatly impacts the quality of your AC’s performance. Every summer, your AC spends hundreds of hours cooling down the air and removing humidity from your home. All that continuous air circulation eventually introduces debris into the system – dust, dirt, pollen, mold, and mildew are all common culprits. The AC air filter catches most of this debris, but some of it will inevitably make its way into the system, where it circulates repeatedly. In time, this debris can even settle onto your unit’s vital components such as the evaporator and compressor coils. It may also accumulate in your air ducts, narrowing the passage and making it harder to circulate air.

When your air conditioner becomes bogged down with all these debris, the system has to work much harder to maintain its typical performance level. If your AC hasn’t received a tune-up in a few years, it’s normal to notice decreased performance. Side effects may include less cool air production, weak airflow from vents, or inconsistent cooling around the house. Getting a tune-up every year and having the ducts cleaned every three years will drastically improve the system’s performance.

2. Cleaner Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that the air in your home can be dirtier and more polluted than the air outdoors? While your HVAC system isn’t solely to blame for this fact, it certainly does play a part. The air ducts can spread accumulated dust, pollen, and other allergens around your house. These household pollutants can aggravate the symptoms of allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues. If you notice that you or someone in your home is sneezing, dealing with watery eyes, or exhibiting other allergy-like symptoms while in your home, the AC may be to blame. Unfortunately, once this material enters your ductwork, it will keep re-circulating until it’s professionally cleaned out. Installing new air filters can go a long way toward improving your home’s air quality. Homeowners typically replace their own air filters once every three months. If you’re unsure of how to change the air filter, a technician can show you at the next maintenance appointment. It’s a quick, highly effective process.

One of the most important parts of a properly functioning air conditioner is its ability to circulate air throughout your home. Ventilation is a crucial component of good indoor air quality, as stagnant air is not only uncomfortable, but it can also exacerbate respiratory issues. When every component of your air conditioner is working like it’s supposed to, it can move air in and out of your home, increasing ventilation, comfort, and indoor air quality.

3. Maximize Your AC’s Lifespan

You can expect to get fifteen to twenty years of serviceable life out of a healthy air conditioner. The key to making sure your AC reaches its maximum lifespan is routine maintenance. Without a regular tune-up, your unit is susceptible to wear and tear. When the system’s performance declines, it has to work much harder to maintain your ideal comfort level. This extra work strains the system and can lead to serious problems like overheating and component failure. If these issues aren’t addressed right away, the condition of your AC will continue to deteriorate. Eventually, the only option left is to replace the unit.

Routine maintenance can help you maximize your unit’s lifespan by catching issues before they turn into full-blown emergencies. During the appointment, your technician will make note of things like worn-out parts and leaks. The technician can usually make quick, on-the-spot repairs to rectify the issue before it damages other parts of the AC. With an annual tune-up, your AC will have many productive years ahead of it.

4. More Consistent Cooling

Do certain rooms in your house feel much colder than others? This is a sign that your AC is struggling to evenly distribute cool air throughout your home. Oftentimes, this is an issue with clogged vents or ducts. If all your vents are open, but you hardly feel any airflow coming out, then the ductwork may be clogged or damaged. These are issues that a technician can address in a yearly AC tune-up. If ductwork isn’t the culprit, it may simply be a cause of your air conditioner struggling to adequately cool your entire home. You may notice the rooms closest to the main unit are cooler than rooms farther away. If you notice this, the AC is likely struggling to generate as much power as it needs to push cool air throughout your entire home.

Poorly maintained air conditioners also struggle to remove humidity from your home. In this case, your home’s air may feel “damp” or “sticky,” even with the AC running full blast. While a dehumidifier can certainly help, you may need to consider the last time that you had AC maintenance performed before investing in an IAQ solution.

5. Save Money on Energy Bills

Annual maintenance keeps your air conditioner running as efficiently as possible. By regularly changing the air filter, cleaning the system, and making necessary adjustments, your unit will be able to achieve greater comfort for less energy. Better energy efficiency translates into lower monthly energy bills. For this reason, gradually rising cooling costs are a classic sign that your AC is overdue for maintenance. Your savings don’t stop there, though – maintenance appointments often catch minor system issues before they escalate.

6. Eliminate Foul Odors

If your air conditioner hasn’t had a tune-up in a while, you may notice strong odors coming from the system. These odd smells are typically indicative of a problem within the air conditioner. For example, if your air conditioner smells hot or smokey when in use, you probably have an electrical issue. If you notice a strong, musty odor coming from your AC, you probably have bacterial growth forming in the ductwork or somewhere else in the system. Routine maintenance can help ensure that everything is working correctly, and your home smells nice when the AC is running.

Your AC Maintenance Experts in Milwaukee

An annual AC maintenance appointment is the best way to maximize your system’s performance, efficiency, and lifespan. If you’d like to take advantage of these benefits and more, look no further than Burkhardt Heating and Cooling. We’ve been the go-to provider of air conditioner maintenance in Milwaukee since 1961. Our certified and licensed technicians perform comprehensive tune-ups on all major brands of ACs. We are your one-stop shop for heating and cooling maintenance, replacements, and repairs, in addition to top-notch indoor air quality solutions.

Improve your cooling system’s performance and reliability with an AC tune-up in Milwaukee. Contact Burkhardt Heating and Cooling today!


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