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Boiler Installation & Radiant Heating

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Most American homes are heated with either furnaces or boilers. If you prefer consistent, comfortable warmth without the noise and drafts of forced air systems, Burkhardt Heating & Air Conditioning offers complete boiler installations. See us for help choosing and installing boilers for domestic hot water usage and space heating, as well as for use as the heat source for hydronic heating.

We install the finest boilers in the industry, designed for improved fuel economy and long-lasting performance, including hardworking Bryant gas-fired boilers up to 96% AFUE and oil-fired models up to 86.5% AFUE. These are among the most reliable and energy-efficient residential boilers on the market—when they’re installed correctly by Burkhardt.

If your home is heated by any type of boiler, our trained, licensed technicians can also install an indirect water heater to work in tandem with your boiler. As your boiler heats your home, your domestic water is heated at the same time. This is a great way to get more hot water for your money while reducing fuel costs. You can also connect the indirect water heater to your boiler system and use it as the energy source for your radiant heating system. Ask Burkhardt about the advantages of using a boiler in conjunction with an indirect water heater.

Radiant Floor Systems

Radiant floor systems are hydronic floor heating systems which use water as the heat transfer medium and circulate it through tubing installed in the floor. Once the floor is warmed, it provides heat into your living space. Advantages of radiant heat include reduced airborne dust and pollen since there are no fans, dirty ductwork or filters to change. Additionally, radiant floor heating systems are quiet, comfortable and use less energy. Ask us about radiant floor heating systems and indirect hot water storage tanks for your home.

Upgrading your existing boiler to a higher efficiency model for use in our cold, Wisconsin climate would not only eliminate tons of carbon dioxide emissions, but reduce your fuel costs. Ask us for help in determining the best boiler for your home, needs and budget.

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