Heating FAQs

Can I get another year out of my furnace? How long does a typical furnace last?
Depending on the age and energy efficiency of your current furnace, the answer is between 10 and 20 years, although life expectations can vary. A gas furnace should last 12 to 15 years. If you’ve had your furnace professionally installed with regular maintenance performed, your furnace should have the best results and longevity!

Do I really need to have my furnace checked annually?
Yes, since 80% of the emergency service calls we receive are from people who don’t routinely have their furnace checked.

Do you offer financing in case I need to have my furnace replaced?
Yes. Learn more about financing options through Wells Fargo and Synchrony.

My furnace makes a loud noise when it shuts off. Why?
There are several reasons your furnace could be making a banging sound, including a dirty filter, buildup in your ductwork, or the natural contracting of your system cycling on and off. Call us if you suspect a more serious problem.

What are some of the most common heating problems Burkhardt customers report?
The furnace isn’t heating, there’s not enough heat, or energy bills are increasing. Most likely, their problems fall into one of these categories: thermostat malfunction, faulty pilot light, airflow problems, hot or cold spots, or ductwork problems that permit warm air to escape.

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