Air Conditioning FAQs

Can I install a different brand air conditioner with my existing furnace?
Most brands work with others if they’re properly sized. There may be some loss of efficiency, however.

My air conditioner smells like mildew.
Check to see if your drip pan has standing water in it. Your evaporator coils may need to be cleaned as well. Try bleach and water. Or call us for help.

My air conditioner clicks. Is this serious?
Some sounds are just a normal part of operation. Other times a clicking sound can indicate a problem like a loose fan or a malfunctioning thermostat. If the sound is noticeable and you don’t associate it with normal function, call us for help.

Is my air conditioning low on refrigerant?
If your registers are blowing warm air, you’re probably low on refrigerant. We don’t recommend fixing it yourself. Working with refrigerants should be left to a refrigerant specialist.

What’s two-stage cooling?
It’s a type of air conditioner or heat pump compressor that provides two levels of operation: high for hot summer days and low for milder days. The compressor operates in low speed up to 80% of the time, delivering a more consistent temperature, enhanced air circulation, better indoor air quality, and reduced noise.

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